Portugal (Sept.26-Oct.3)
Dear Readers,

Thank you very much for visiting my journal. This past week brought me to beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, where I performed a most enjoyable (and rather unique) concert as soloist with the Orchestra Metropolitana de Lisboa.

I was to give two concerts - Sunday and Monday evenings (after two rehearsals with the orchestra on Friday and Saturday). The first performance was at a terrific old movie house - absolutely full of character and as intimate as can be. With the audience literally just a few feet from the stage, it was a true treat of a venue. The next hall was one of the most revered of Lisbon - the CCB (Centre Cultural de Belem) Grande Auditorium - a most extravagant and beautiful venue lined with multiple rows of box seat balconies and adorned with extravagant architecture and lighting. The sound was terrific and the audience couldn't have been more attentive.

The program was a very diverse one - in fact, almost entirely of new works for me, and American themed. What made this different was that, in addition to the usual solo works with the orchestra, I was to perform several duets with a guest soprano singer. The program included arrangements I did of George Gershwin and Leonard Bernstein (for the duets) and several solo film works: Franz Waxman's "A Place in the Sun," John Williams's "Escapades," etc. There's something always very exciting about performing a brand new program - you never truly know how well it will go over until after that first performance. At the same time, with a tried and true program, you have the freedom and flexibility to take chances in the moment, responding and reacting to whatever situation arises, which is an utterly thrilling feeling in its own. The two concerts were extremely different, in everything from the hall to the audience, but they couldn't have been more enjoyable.

For most of my stay, rain and overcast were the daily forecast, but fortunately I decided to stay an additional day and the skies began clearing up. I spent the early morning walking around downtown Lisbon (The Alfama and Baixa districts), visiting Lisbon's old Castle São Jorge and Sé Cathedral. After lunch I took the Metro up to the beautiful village of Sintra. While known as a popular tourist attraction in Portugal, it only becomes clear why upon arriving. From its small town atmosphere to its lush gardens and mountains, it provides a terrific place to spend a day. I began with a beautiful 5 mile hike up to the Castle of the Moors, overlooking the entire town from atop its crumbling 10th century walls, followed by a hike through the town's two extravagant 16th century palaces.

As dusk approached, I headed back to Lisbon, spent a few hours walking around the upscale Bairro Alto and the Chiado shopping areas, before finally calling it a night and taking the subway back to the hotel.

It's now about 6am and I'm at the Lisbon airport awaiting my flight back to the States. It seems it's time to go....I hope you enjoy the photos and, as always, thank you for the emails. Until next time...

Yours truly,
Lisbon Portugal
Downtown Lisbon
Praça do Comércio
Outside the hotel
City Square
From my hotel window
IMG_1526 IMG_1571 IMG_1572
My hotel room Cinema São Jorge (1st concert) Cinema Lobby
IMG_1580 IMG_1581 IMG_1611
From the stage Setting up before the concert Dressing room sign
IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1626
CCB hall (2nd night concert) View of the stage Subway billboard
IMG_1627 IMG_1630 IMG_1631
Very early morningLisbon Lisbon Trolley Trolley cables
IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1634
Santa Justa Elevator From below Alfama streets
IMG_1655 IMG_1658 IMG_1664
Overlooking Lisbon homes Cathedral in the distance Miradouro das Portas so Sol
Sintra, Portugal
IMG_1685 IMG_1687 IMG_1690
Sintra flower water well Forested pathways
IMG_1703 IMG_1708 IMG_1738
Overlooking downtown Sintra Caste of the Moors From atop the caste
IMG_1755 IMG_1756 IMG_1765
Castle ramparts Pena National Palace Hiking back
IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1778
Through an alley Sintra National Palace up closer
IMG_1779 IMG_1781 IMG_1790
another view Sintra shops Train station - Sintra
IMG_1792 IMG_1794 IMG_1802
Waiting Quiet train ride Cristo-Rei & 25 de Abril bridge
IMG_1811 IMG_1812
Castle Sao Jorge at night Flying over Lisbon
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