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Hello and thank you for visiting my journal. For me one of the greatest perks of performing is getting to visit new and interesting places around the world, something I feel very lucky to get to do. I've always enjoyed taking photos and will try to post my favorites along the way. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Simply choose an entry from the pull-down menu above or click a photo below. These photos are also posted on my facebook page, so please feel free to leave your comments or send me an email and I'll try to respond whenever possible.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Journal Entries
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IMG_6913 IMG_6877 IMG_6649
London, NYC, WA, Can.
Fall/Winter 2016
Chicago, Berlin, Hanover
August 2015
June 2014
IMG_5849 IMG_5849 IMG_3627
NYC, D.C., CA, NM, Can.
Spring 2014
Baku, Azerbaijan
Sept. 2013
California, OR, MI, IL, AZ
Spring 2013
IMG_3359 IMG_2573 IMG_2441-b
Zurich, Switzerland
Oct. 2012
Tallinn, Estonia
April 2012
Virgin Islands & New York
March 2012
IMG_0069 IMG_1986 IMG_1144
The Arctic
London, WA, NJ, MT
July 2011
South Africa
June 2011
IMG_0595b IMG_0354 IMG_0447
St. Petersburg, Russia
May 2011
Sofia, Bulgaria
April 2011
New Zealand
IMG_0075 IMG_0144 IMG_0021
Poland & Montreal
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Cape Town, South Africa
IMG_4502 IMG_2839 IMG_2267
Canada, NY, MT, FL, GA
Fall 2010
New York City
Arizona, TX, CA, MN, KY
IMG_2142 IMG_1525d IMG_1337
New York City
Lisbon, Portugal
Paris & Ainay, France
DSC07952 DSC07690 DSC07280
Nevada - Calif. - Penn.
April 07
La Jolla,CA - Roswell,NM
March 07
Montana - TX - FL - UK
DSC01909 DSC01370 DSC03996
Florida tour

California tour

Vienna, Austria

St. Barts, FWI

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